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Linda Sarsour Outs Herself as an Anti-Semite on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Linda Sarsour Outs Herself as an Anti-Semite on Holocaust Remembrance Day
Linda Sarsour, social justice and immigrant rights activist Rally for Colin Kaepernick outside NFL headquarters, New York, USA - 23 Aug 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

On Sunday, Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour effectively outed herself as an anti-Semite. Ironically, her statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2019 did the very thing she denounced in 2017 as the “definition of anti-Semitism” — she did not mention the Jews.

“May the memories of those who perished inspire us to love and protect one another. May we never forget history so that we may never repeat it,” Sarsour wrote in a Facebook post. “May their stories instill a sense of commitment and determination in our movements and communities to never leave anyone behind. May they rest in an eternal peace knowing that we will fight for each other no matter the consequences.”

She added the hashtag #HolocaustRemembranceDay.

Facebook screenshot of Linda Sarsour’s Holocaust Remembrance Day post.

Sarsour was right to remember the victims of the Holocaust, but she notably left out any mention of the Jews. In other words, she did the very thing she attacked President Donald Trump for doing in 2017.

When the Trump White House released a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement without mentioning the Jews, the Women’s March leader flipped out.

“How do you have a Remembrance Day for the holocaust and not mention Jews?! Absolutely outrageous. Definition of anti-semitism,” she tweeted.

Twitter screenshot of Linda Sarsour slamming Trump for his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement.

It was horrific for both the Trump White House and Linda Sarsour to leave the Jews out of a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement. Yet Sarsour’s hypocrisy on this seems particularly noteworthy. Did she not remember posting this 2017 tweet when she was crafting the 2019 statement? Why are both statements still online?

Others have called Sarsour out for this hypocrisy.

With the recent controversy over anti-Semitism among the leaders of the Women’s March — and Tamika Mallory refusing to condemn the notorious anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan — Sarsour needs to address these statements. If she’s not an anti-Semite, why does she consider Trump one?

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