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MidEast Victims of Forced Marriage, Genital Mutilation Endorse Trump for 2020: 'He Gives Us Hope'

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Next Tuesday, a large coalition of women who fled the Middle East after experiencing horrific sexual tortures under radical Islam will issue a powerful endorsement for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. They claim that Trump’s willingness to condemn radical Islam has changed the world and given hope that was sorely lacking under Barack Obama.

“I feel safe right now, even though I receive death threats, because we have a president who dares speak the truth,” Rabia Kazan, a best-selling author and president of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition, told PJ Media in an interview on Friday. Kazan grew up in Turkey and spent years undercover investigating the abuse of women in Iran.

“We know that the president of the United States will not allow Sharia law, won’t encourage Sharia law anymore, like Obama did,” Kazan added. “Even in Turkey, Obama deliberately empowered Islamization for eight years.” She bitterly accused Obama and the Democrats of intimidating whistleblowers like her into silence by branding them “Islamophobic.”

Kazan insisted that Trump has brought hope to the millions of women abused across the world even just by uttering the words “radical Islam.”

“Before President Trump, we weren’t allowed to even us the term ‘radical Islam.’ After Trump, we start using that. He’s the only one who dares speak the truth,” she declared.

The women’s rights activist credited Trump for bringing positive change to the Middle East. “He’s revealed Iran, he’s revealed ISIS, he’s saying ‘radical Islam,'” she said. She mentioned Trump’s success in negotiating with “the dictator Erdogan” for the release of pastor Andrew Brunson.

“These two years, women in Saudi Arabia gained the right to drive a car because President Trump’s policy influenced the world because he will not tolerate radical Islam,” Kazan added. “He’s very strong against Iran, he’s strong against Islamic terrorism. He’s not afraid to talk, he dares speak the truth.”

“We walk to endorse President Trump for 2020 to change the landscape of the world,” she said. “President Trump gives us hope, Obama has done nothing for us.”

Kazan described the dire state of women in the Middle East. “Women and children are suffering under sharia law and in the Middle East. Our girls are being sold into sexual slavery every single day,” she added. “Four-year-old babies are being sold to ISIS. Little girls aged seven to fourteen are being sold as child brides. This is pedophilia and rape by marriage.”

Under the influence of people warning about “Islamophobia,” the “whole world is thinking they are volunteers.”

“How many of us have to die?” she asked. “How many of us have to be raped before you take an action? Silence is killing us and President Trump is speaking.”

Photo of Middle Eastern women opposing radical Islam’s misogynistic violence, photo credit Rabia Kazan.

Kazan told the story of Aynaz Anni Cyrus, a former child bride in Iran. “She rebelled, they took her to jail, and for years they raped her in jail in Iran. She escaped to the United States and she’s a Christian now,” the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition president said. “She has received a lot of death threats.”

Cyrus will speak at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, along with Kazan and twelve other victims of Sharia law.

Another woman “experienced an attempt at honor killing from her family. Another woman experienced genital mutilation.”

Radical Islam is directly responsible for these horrors. “Governments are doing this and they believe Allah wants it,” Kazan explained. “Women in the United States are very lucky. We envy American women — they have everything. We have to die for our freedom.”

Rabia Kazan recalled going undercover in Iran, interviewing more victims. “I lived in Iran, and I interviewed 200 women who were forced into prostitution under temporary marriage. That is legal prostitution, one-night marriage. They were forced into prostitution in Iran.”

“Iran put little girls in jail because one of them put pictures and videos on Instagram and another rebelled against wearing a head scarf,” she recalled. “They enslaved women and children.”

“I received a lot of death threats, and I have a voice because we have a president who is strong against radical Islamists,” the coalition president said. “I had my campaign 5 years ago, and they didn’t cover my campaign because I was Islamophobic.”

Photo of Rabia Kazan, courtesy of Rabia Kazan.

“I converted to Christianity, but we have Muslims, Christians, Jews, all standing against the barbaric actions under Sharia law.”

Trump’s moral authority and anti-Sharia activism have empowered the victims of horrific misogyny to share their stories, and these brave women want to make sure his leadership continues past 2020.

Furthermore, Democrats are continuing Obama’s policy of condemning any criticism of these horrors as “Islamophobic.” Democrats do not themselves intend to support the abuse of women in the Middle East, but Kazan argued that their silence is horrific.

Liberals give women like Rabia Kazan little choice but to stand with Trump, who will help spread awareness.

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