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Capitol Police Arrested 143 Protesters in the First Two Days of the Kavanaugh Hearings

Capitol Police Arrested 143 Protesters in the First Two Days of the Kavanaugh Hearings
A protester is removed by Capitol police during the hearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Hart Senate Office Building Tuesday Sept. 4, 2018. (Photo By Sarah Silbiger/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

From the very first moments of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats and protesters interrupted and shouted down the proceedings. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) likened the situation to “mob rule,” and the Capitol Police reported that in the first two days, they have arrested 143 protesters.

“The United States Capitol Police responded to numerous incidents of unlawful demonstration activities within the Senate Office Buildings that were associated with today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing,” the police said in a statement on Wednesday evening.

“Sixty-six individuals were removed from the Committee room in the Hart Senate Office Building, and were charged with D.C. Code §22–1321 – Disorderly conduct,” the statement reported. “In addition, six individuals were removed from the fourth floor of the Russell Senate Office Building for unlawful demonstration activities and were charged with D.C. Code §22-1307 – Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding.”

Finally, one person “was arrested in the Hart Atrium and was charged with D.C. Code §22-1307 – Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding, and D.C. Code §22-405.01 – Resisting Arrest.”

These 73 protesters joined the 70 arrested on Tuesday. The Capitol Police reported removing 61 people on the first day of the hearings, and charging them with disorderly conduct. They also removed nine more protesters from the second floor of the Dirksen Senate Office Building for unlawful demonstration.

The hearings are ongoing, with no sign that the protests will stop.

As Law & Crime’s Ronn Blitzer reported, three medical doctors have claimed that the protesters are being paid to stand up in the middle of the hearings and start shouting, only to be escorted out and charged by police.

Adam Schindler, president of Schindler Digital, tweeted two photos: one showing a woman getting paid while in line to enter the hearing, and another showing the same woman escorted out of the hearing.

Schindler presented the photos as “proof the protesters were paid off in line.”

Here is the same woman getting escorted out of the hearing by police.

Dr. Tom Schlueter described another alleged transaction to Blitzer. “One thing was there were people who had come along … who had a bag of money, and people would hand them a piece of paper, and then they would give them money,” Schlueter said. “So we know money was exchanged for some of the people to be here, just to protest.”

According to Schlueter, the protesters “were actually told, we heard them say this, ‘when you go in, we want you to yell, to scream, and even possibly to get arrested.’ So that was some of the processes we saw happening.”

A wide array of leftist groups have orchestrated the protests. “This is well-organized and scripted. This isn’t chaos,” Winnie Wong, a senior advisor to the Women’s March, told CNN on Wednesday. The Women’s March has partnered with the Center for Popular Democracy, and is working with approximately 20 other groups for the Kavanaugh protests.

Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood Action Fund also flew protesters in from around the country. [Did they pay for that?]

The CNN report presented the protests as a well-oiled machine. “Wong said that the Women’s March has 300 people committed to ‘actions’ during the week — and that most of their members knowingly signed up for action that could get them arrested.”

“The Women’s March also has the financial backing to support members — they fundraise off their email list and have sent six fundraising emails in the last two days that have raised more than six figures, according to Wong,” CNN reported. “The group lends financial support for travel, accommodation, legal training and bail. The arrests Monday resulted in a $35 to $50 bail, which the group paid for.”

So, when activists like Wong and Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour (who interrupted the hearing in its opening moments) got themselves arrested Monday, it was part of a coordinated and well-funded attempt to delegitimize Kavanaugh.

Women are being paid — or at least reimbursed — to stand up and scream at Kavanaugh, and then get escorted out by police. This helps explain why 143 people have been arrested, and why so many foolish feminists dressed up in red capes from “The Handmaid’s Tale” to send the ridiculous message that Kavanaugh would turn the U.S.A. into a misogynistic hell-hole.

All this protest merely reinforces the fact that the Supreme Court has become far too political, a tragic result of the progressive movement and the idea of a “living Constitution.” Liberal jurists have read their pet policies into the Constitution, bypassing the Congress and the president. For this reason, they cannot stomach the idea of a justice who will not rubber stamp liberal activism as some sort of “hidden meaning” in the Constitution.

Don’t expect the protests to die down anytime soon.

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