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TIME Magazine Cover Shows a Heartless Trump Staring Down Immigrant Child

Welcome to America TIME

The family separation issue is tough, but don’t expect liberals at TIME magazine to understand that. On Thursday, the magazine’s cover attacked President Donald Trump as heartless.

“Welcome to America,” the cover’s title, is trending on Twitter.

Orlando talk radio host Joe Kelly shared the cover, and explained it briefly. “Time Magazine’s latest cover features a fabricated mashup of a child at the border crying with a seemingly uncaring President Trump staring down at her with the words ‘Welcome to America,'” he explained.

This image — fabricated, as Kelly noted — is a vast undersimplification of the issues. Trump did originally say it would take Congress to fix the issue, but following backlash he signed a stopgap executive order. The president had directed law enforcement to prosecute everyone who crosses the border illegally — imagine that! — but that led to parents in custody and children held separately.

Now, families will not be separated, which means children will also be in custody. Democrats are predictably unhappy — and want the government to let illegal border crossers off scot-free.

Trump did not handle the issue particularly well, but he is trying to enforce America’s border, and trying to get Congress to on immigration. When Congress delayed and when Democrats signaled they weren’t willing to act, Trump signed the stopgap order — which may be legally dubious — seemingly because he actually does care about the illegal immigrant children.

Separating families is not a good thing, but blaming Trump for everything on this issue is misleading, and fabricating an image to smear him is even worse.