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MSNBC Commentator: 'FBI Spy-Catchers Took Down ... Victor Davis Hanson'

Hillary Clinton and her liberal allies in the media are on the lookout for Russian spies, whom they blame for WikiLeaks. An MSNBC commentator this morning gave them evidence that Russia isn’t just behind WikiLeaks, it’s behind conservative media as well!

Malcolm Nance, executive director at the Terror Asymmetrics Project and a commentator on MSNBC, called conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson a Russian spy. I feel compelled to utter the age-old adage, “This is not The Onion.”

“I know some of the spy-catchers in FBI counter-intelligence, guys who have taken down big names, like Aldrich Ames and Victor Davis Hanson,” Nance declared.

Yes, that Victor Davis Hanson, a notable classicist and PJ Media contributor. All those books about ancient Greek warfare? Battles in Western history? “Savior generals“? The End of Sparta?  All Russian propaganda.

Well, maybe not. After all, Nance may have meant to say “Robert Philip Hanssen,” a former FBI agent convicted of spying for the Soviet Union (later known as “Russia”) in 2001.

Since Nance is actually a well-established counter-terrorism expert and not just a liberal media hack, I think it’s reasonable to conclude his allegations against Victor Davis Hanson were unintentional. Nevertheless, with the Democrats trying to blame the Russians to distract from their own scandals, Hanson should be watching his back. You never know what repercussions Hillary’s new Red Scare could bring.

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