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Clint Eastwood: Democrats Exploited 'Poor Slob' Khizr Khan

Movie legend Clint Eastwood weighed in on Donald Trump’s Khan-flict with the father of a fallen Iraq war veteran on Wednesday night, and what he said will leave you scratching your head.

“I think he made a mistake by making fun of the guy’s dead son, but that’s his business,” Eastwood said of Trump in a brief interview with TMZ. Eastwood also suggested that Khan was being exploited by the Democratic Party. While the verbal sparring between The Donald and Khizr Khan has been rather heated, no one has accused Trump of making light of Khan’s dead son.

Khizr Khan spoke about his son, Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004, and attacked Donald Trump in a speech at the Democratic National Convention. His wife, Ghazala Khan, remained silent through the speech.

Trump attacked the father in later remarks, and implied that the mother could not speak due to restrictive Islamic traditions about women. Ghazala responded, saying she was emotionally stunned into silence by seeing her son on the screen at the DNC. Trump has yet to apologize, despite criticism from many prominent Republicans.

When TMZ asked Eastwood whether Trump should tone down his rhetoric, the film star said, “I think it’s a bad thing to be too PC, but I think there’s a limit to it. You don’t have to be rude to somebody.”

“But also, you know, the other guy was being exploited by a political party, that’s no good either,” Eastwood added, suggesting that the Democrats somehow tricked Khan into attacking The Donald. He attacked political exploitation in general. “Whether either party does it — exploitation — they shouldn’t take advantage of some poor slob.”

Eastwood’s description of the son of a war hero as “some poor slob” seems uncharacteristically uncouth, and might be explained by the caveat he gave at the beginning: “I know nothing about it.”

Still, his suggestion that the Democratic Party exploited Khan seems plausible — although the military dad’s outspoken remarks against Trump’s Muslim immigration ban might reveal that his opposition to The Donald was as personal as it was politically expedient for the DNC.

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