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Wait 'Til You See What Turned Up at the RNC This Week

CLEVELAND, OH — Outspoken protesters swarmed the Republican National Convention. Liberal and conservative, pro-Trump and anti-Trump, angry Christians and street preachers, they held nothing back.

There is PJ Media’s list of 21 outrageous characters at the RNC, from both sides of the aisle and both sides of sanity. Enjoy!

21. A country singer praising The Donald.

“Trump’s got what it takes, y’all.”

20. A Donald Trump impressionist.


19. Hippie cross-dressers.

18. Masked dancers.


Next Page: 16-year-old Jewish boy tells Westboro Baptist Church to “s**k my balls.”

17. This angry Jewish boy.

16. The Westboro Baptist Church protesters.


Here they are again, protesting a scheduled Communist Party flag burning.

15. A surprisingly mellow street preacher.


I spoke with him afterwards, and he agreed that Christians should emphasize their own sin when calling others to repent.

14. A not-so-mellow street preacher.

Next Page: LGBT protesters shouting down a journalist who just asked them for a light.

13. These angry protesters.


12. This Tamir Rice impersonation.

11. All Lives Matter includes the unborn.


10. The Romanian Abraham Lincoln.

Next Page: Code Pink girls going mostly topless, and the Hindu Captain America.

9. Code Pink chants “put down your drones.”


8. This Captain America.

7. Dino, the Che Guevara fan.

This guy Dino, who was very articulate and rational, but wore his Che Guevara shirt to the wrong place.

Not a fan of Trump — very articulate, but his point about a Banana Republic is weakened by the Guevara shirt. Nice guy, I enjoyed speaking with him.

6. Vermin Supreme.

Next Page: Trump verses Tramp, and the anti-Trump pajama girl.

5. Pro-Trump ridiculous guy.


4. Anti-Trump pajama girl.

Here’s what her sign looked like from farther away.

3. A great homemade anti-Trump shirt.

2. The Bill Clinton rape t-shirt.


1. Dr. Truth, the conservative Dr. Seuss.

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