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The 22 Most Scandalous Tweets From #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet

Twitter users awoke Sunday morning to the hard and salacious truth that #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet had taken over their social media. Supporters of The Donald unleashed their scantily clad women, and opponents recoiled in horror. It was quite a spectacle!

Here are the best tweets from this arousing and infuriating phenomenon — enjoy!

1. The tweet that started it all.

2. Are conservatives hotter than liberals?


To be fair, the conservative collage does not include one congresswoman and the liberal one includes quite a few. Not exactly the best representative sample, but that’s not the point.

3. This is the most Trump thing I have ever seen.

Next Page: More Trump girls, and the takeover of CNN

4. Yeah, this is what guys came to the hashtag for.


5. Ouch, that’s painful.

6. The hashtag conquers CNN


Next Page: The liberal backlash begins.

7. Is #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet really just guys posting photos of girls they googled?

8. Projection, much?


9. And there it is, these chicks must be racist!

But the Trump girls just kept on coming.

10. Check out those Trump hats.


11. A movement, or a model?

12. Climb my wall. Lol.


Next Page: And the backlash continues.

13. Not everybody’s happy about this.

14. The obligatory “you’re ugly” response tweet.


15. The perfect troll.

Next Page: But no, there are still more Trump girls coming.

16. This is The Donald’s kind of girl.


17. Is she next on Trump’s list?

18. Here’s a Trump girl with her girlfriends, just having fun.


Next Page: The hilarious conclusion.

19. Victory dance.

20. And is this why Trump girls really broke the Internet?


21. Hilarious.

22. And finally, the tweet we were all waiting for…