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The 10 Most Hilarious Twitter Reactions to #Brexit

On Thursday, Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU). Tempers are flying high on both sides, but many of the reactions have proved downright hilarious.

Here is PJMedia’s list of the craziest Twitter reactions to this momentous decision.

1. Gotta love this.

2. Newspaper reports the wrong outcome.


3. Turkey welcomes Britain into the non-EU.

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4. This was Trump’s response, and here’s the Twitter take-down.


5. Now that they’ve left it, Brits are searching “What is the EU?”


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6. Next vote — to leave the metric system?

7. The UK is free!


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8. It took 190 years for India to get Britain to leave…

9. Howard Dean makes a fool of himself.


Here are the responses:

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10. Like #Brexit? You’re a racist.