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The 12 Most Ridiculous #TrumpSoPoor Tweets -- and What They Mean

As reports came in that Hillary Clinton has raised (at least) $16 million more than Donald Trump, people on social media emphasized the irony of a man as rich as The Donald coming up short in his campaign pocketbook.

People love to mock The Donald, but they really went crazy this time. Perhaps because Trump constantly brags about how right and successful he is, #TrumpSoPoor trended nationwide for more than 12 hours. Users enjoyed the irony, and explained just how sad Trump’s candidacy has become.

Here are the 12 most ridiculous #TrumpSoPoor tweets, with explanations as necessary.

12. The awkward moment.

11. So poor, he can’t afford a barber.


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10. The Donald’s not allowed on his own golf courses.

9. This is why Chris Christie is so close to Donnie T…


Didn’t get the joke? Here’s more on Christie and Trump:

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8. 12 plus hours…

Here’s why this is likely to make The Donald go crazy:


7. Trump is so poor, he falls for his own “get rich quick” scheme.


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6. The next trophy wife will be … from Mexico!

5. Self-funding — actually means the campaign will be paying for Trump!


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4. Even Trump’s hair left him.

3. And another hand joke.


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2. For the free government housing!

1. Don’t forget that both candidates lie about their wealth.


And a bonus — hilarious!