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The 14 Worst Twitter Responses to the Orlando Pulse Shooting

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, a gunman took over Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL, in an attack that claimed the lives of 50 people and wounded 53 more. It later emerged that the shooter, Omar Mateen, had links to the Islamic State and was a “known quantity” to federal authorities.

The Islamic State seemingly deserves credit for knowing exactly how to divide Americans with such an attack. Christians stood in solidarity with those who were senselessly killed, and conservatives pointed to radical Islamic terror as the source for the evil, noting that many interpretations of Islamic law seek the death penalty for homosexuals.

Meanwhile, many liberals actually attacked Christians, saying their “homophobia” played a role, and many more emphasized the need for gun control, which arguably would make such shootings more likely, not less. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) declared that homophobia and Islamophobia are “interconnected systems of oppression,” despite the clear Islamic motivations behind the shooter. Also, gun control would disarm these people.

Here is PJ Media’s list of the most egregious tweets following the shooting, taking “credit,” ignoring the facts, and blaming political enemies rather than the real perpetrator of the attack.

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14. On the morning of the shooting, #GunControlNow was trending.

As if criminals would be unable to gain access to firearms if we took them from law-abiding folks…

13. This pastor made Christians look bad.

This is exactly the opposite of what a good Christian witness on this looks like. Later in his remarks, the pastor predicts that the shooting will be used to push gun control, and that Christians will be wrongfully blamed for the events. While he is right on those points, his refusal to stand with the victims here is chilling and makes Christians look bad.

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12. This, also, is going way too far.

The tweet is slightly disingenuous — the concern about alleged transgenders being able to use the bathroom opposite to their sex is more about the privacy of the rest of us, and especially about protecting little girls from potential predators who are not really transgender but use that as an excuse to prey upon victims.

11. Cheap shot at a conservative politician.

It is perfectly logically consistent to oppose gay marriage, homosexual adoption, and other parts of the LGBT agenda and still condemn the ideology behind a senseless murder of our fellow men.

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10. Terror attack? Here’s the solution: Gun Control!

9. Appreciate the congrats…

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8. Yes, some do lump all religions together. The timing on this does not seem like a coincidence.

7. Yes, TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick did actually tweet this.

It was a prescheduled tweet, and he removed it later, but it still looked horrible at the time.

6. This is a good point…

Except for the simple fact that the Islamic State clearly targets homosexuals for death and says it does so to practice Islam.

5. Oh, “Islamophobia.”

When people are senselessly killed in the name of a religion, it isn’t Islamophobia to condemn such attacks. And again, just because you don’t support the LGBT agenda doesn’t mean you agree with these evil murderers.

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4. And I support an expansion in gun ownership for the same reason.

3. So Republicans are accessories to murder, apparently.

On a side note, the terror watch list is unfortunately very broad. This is why Republicans did not back this legislation. Also, if even one of the attendees at Pulse had a gun, the attack might have ended with only one or two casualties. But, you know, the guns did it.

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2. So Christians are to blame for an ISIS attack.

1. “Thanks, NRA,” Says New York Daily News in absurd front page.