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Huckabee: GOP Establishment Is 'Lucky' to Be 'Getting Spanked and Not Executed'

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who dropped out of the presidential race on February 1, is now full-throated in his support for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. On Friday’s “Sean Hannity Show,” he declared that the Republican establishment is getting off easy in the way Trump is punishing them for not standing up against President Obama’s agenda.

Huckabee mocked some of his fellow former candidates for not fulfilling their pledge to back the eventual nominee, saying, “This is a big boy game,” like the NFL. The former governor declared that he is “committed to defeating Hillary Clinton,” has no doubt about Trump’s conservatism, and is glad to see the Republican establishment gat some comeuppance.

“Who made it possible for Obama to have the Iranian deal, full funding for Obamacare, Planned Parenthood funding?” Huckabee asked. “Republicans did that.”

“And they’re getting what they justly deserve, they’re getting spanked,” the former governor declared. “They need to be happy they’re only getting spanked and not executed, because there is seething rage out in the country for those who have fought to help some of these guys get elected, and they get there and they surrender to Obama and people are sick of it.”

Huckabee further added that Trump’s success “gives me great comfort,” that this anger has become “the spirit of this election.”

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Image Courtesy of Facebook

Image Courtesy of Facebook

The former governor also contrasted Trump with 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who has emerged as a leader in the effort to field an alternative conservative candidate.

“Mitt Romney was a late comer to the notion of being pro-life, he brought same-sex marriage to America,” and marched in gay pride parades, Huckabee argued. This claim is false — the Massachusetts Supreme Court struck down the state’s gay marriage ban when Romney was governor, but he opposed their ruling.

“I find it especially off-putting that he is the one who has led the ‘Never Trump’ movement, and I just feel like he has really soiled himself by taking such a harsh position,” Huckabee said.

Trump’s conservative heresies go far beyond once supporting Planned Parenthood. This is not to say conservatives cannot ever support him against Hillary Clinton — that’s a painful decision indeed — but in order to really understand “Never Trump” one needs to understand the many complaints against The Donald as the Republican standard-bearer, and only half of those complaints are ideological.

Nevertheless, Huckabee does have a point — the flaccid “establishment” may get off easy under Trump, especially compared to a true conservative firebrand like Ted Cruz. Trump’s emphasis on deal-making may actually lead him to wine and dine them, just as Obama and the Democrats did. Huckabee thinks Trump will really shake up Washington, and there is some evidence for that, but it is also likely the “establishment” will get off a bit easy.

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