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The 12 Best #HillarySoQualified Tweets

On Thursday morning, Bernie Sanders declared of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, “I don’t think she is qualified” to be president, mentioning Clinton’s Super PAC funding and her vote for the war in Iraq. A Clinton supporter disagreed, and started the #HillarySoQualified hashtag on Twitter. Bernie people turned it around on her, and the results are beautiful.

Here are the 12 best #HillarySoQualified tweets. Enjoy!

1. Clinton is oh so qualified to talk to survivors of sexual assault.

2. Here’s a truly unique “accomplishment”…


3. This is just hilarious.

Next Page: What, exactly, is Clinton qualified for?

4. What could this woman possibly be qualified for?


5. Here are millennials, getting their say.

6. Um…this is creepy.


Next Page: So qualified…on foreign policy?

7. Here’s what “learning from Iraq” looks like to Mrs. Clinton.

8. Hillary is so qualified, nobody trusts her!


9. Sanders has a response. If raw years in office qualify you to be president, he wins.

In all fairness, she was first lady of Arkansas for 8 years, but who’s counting?

Next Page: Hillary is so qualified, she can handle two email accounts, right? Right?!

10. Hillary can totally handle multiple email accounts, right?


And some people tweeted with the hashtag #HillarySoQualifed…. They really know their spelling.

11. Apparently the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua can’t use the subway.

12. Hillary is so qualified, on all sorts of pro-life issues.