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The 10 Best #ToneDownForWhat Tweets Mocking Hillary Clinton

The 10 Best #ToneDownForWhat Tweets Mocking Hillary Clinton
Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton speaks at the Univision, Washington Post Democratic presidential debate at Miami-Dade College, Wednesday, March 9, 2016, in Miami, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

After winning three states this past weekend, Bernie Sanders called for a debate in New York. One of Hillary Clinton’s top aides dodged questions about the debate, complaining about the senator’s negative “tone.” Sanders supporters took to Twitter to mock the former secretary of state for this alleged show of weakness in a presidential campaign. PJ Media has compiled a list of the ten best mocking Tweets with the hashtag #ToneDownForWhat.

“This is a man who said he’d never run a negative ad ever. He’s now running them. They’re planning to run more,” Clinton’s chief strategist, Joel Benenson, said on CNN. “Let’s see the tone of the campaign he wants to run before we get to any other questions.”

CNN’s Kate Bolduan asked, “What’s the risk?” Benenson said there was no risk, but he argued that “Sen. Sanders doesn’t get to decide when we debate, particularly when he’s running a very negative campaign against us.” The Clinton spokesman said they might arrange a debate “if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on.”

Sanders won the caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington on Saturday, but he still trails Clinton by 700 delegates. The next primary is Wisconsin on April 5, and New York votes on April 19. Sanders claims he has “momentum” heading into the latter half of the race.

Without further ado, here are PJ Media’s 10 best #ToneDownForWhat tweets.

1. Good question.

2. So Clinton will go negative on Republicans, but can’t take a hit from a septuagenarian?


Next Page: Clinton in her own words, “You should be willing to debate anytime, anywhere.”

3. Clinton once said, “You should be willing to debate anytime anywhere” to Barack Obama. Why the different position today?

4. Clinton is so embedded in scandal she is blind to the problems of big government.


5. Good question on this one.

Next Page: Cthulhu longs to face Clinton himself.

6. Cthulhu longs to face Clinton himself.


7. Debates? Not scary. Ghost pepper? Scary.

8. Here’s where Republicans agree with Sanders — if she can’t take it from him, how will she take it in the general?


Next Page: Super delegates and telling the truth.

9. Clinton using “super delegates” to win the race, and Democrats lecture us on voting rights.

10. He keeps telling the truth about me…


Bonus: If you would stop asking, I could stop lying!

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