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Feminist Author: 'Have You Killed Any Men Today? And if Not, Why Not?'

Clementine Ford, a popular Australian feminist writer and self-described “notorious boner killer,” apparently wrote one of her fans a deeply disturbing message during a recent publicity appearance for her latest book, Fight Like a Girl.


Ford wrote the following inside of the book cover during a book signing, reported the Daily Mail:

Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?

The disturbing message surfaced just one day after Ford announced she had signed another book contract, this time for Boys Will Be Boys, a book that will focus on “toxic masculinity and the bonds of brotherhood that are used to codify male power, access and protection,” according to her book announcement. The book, which revolves around the feminist theory of “toxic masculinity,” will be “above all, a love letter to my son,” Ford described in her announcement. She added that she will “turn a sharp eye toward a masculinity that is … in reality exceptionally limited.”

Ford has a long history of denigrating men to serve her feminist agenda. For example, she refers to adult men as “boys,” and tweets statuses that claim “feminist doctrine decrees [that] all men must die” because “they are gross and also rapists.”

Her outspoken feminist stance on killing men has spurned numerous petitions calling for her to be fired from her writing positions in the last two years.

Immediately after Ford announced her new book Boys Will Be Boys on Monday, concerned Australians launched a new petition urging her publisher, Allen & Unwin Books, not to publish it. It has racked up almost one thousand signatures in less than two days.


From the petition:

On 25th of June, Clementine Ford announced that she signed a contract for another man bashing anti-male book called ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ … She states that this book will be a “love letter” to her son Frank. The fact that she is teaching her son that masculinity is toxic and men are evil could even be considered child abuse.

There is no way any publisher would ever allow a man to write such vile hate speech and sexism against women, so why should Clementine Ford be allowed to spread such hatred against men?

The anonymous lead petitioner added:

Only in Australia can a woman make a living out of hating men.

Clementine Ford did not respond to multiple requests for comment from PJ Media.

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