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UCLA to Use Student Activity Fees to Pay for Social Justice Interns

There’s something very wrong with using money people are forced to pay to fund a program that will tell most of those people they are poor human beings.

According to a report at Campus Reform, UCLA is going to pay a number of interns $13 per hour for 30 to 45 hours per academic quarter to facilitate workshops on “social justice issues.” “Hosted by the UCLA Intergroup Relations Program, the Diversity Peer Leaders project is a year-long internship during which students facilitate workshops on social justice issues in exchange for leadership training and compensation from UCLA,” writes Toni Airaksinen.

In speaking with UCLA, a spokesman wished to make it clear to Airaksinen that taxpayer money wasn’t going to fund this. Instead, the money comes from mandatory student activity fees.

How is this any better?

UCLA student Arik Schneider told Campus Reform: “The cost of the program alone could have gone to multiple scholarships, and potentially given a disadvantaged student a full ride through college. … Instead the money goes to luncheons and echo-chamber sessions, in which participants attempt to out-victimize each other and not actually solve any problems.”

He’s not wrong. However, the most insidious aspect of this is that social justice programs invariably boil down to “white people ruin everything” sessions. As almost a third of UCLA’s student body is white, these workshops will take a significant amount of money from white students in order to tell them they are bigots. That’s insane.

Further, you’re delusional if you think these workshops are going to do a damn thing. Unless they’re mandatory — which introduces a whole host of other problems, so we’re going to assume they’re not — they’re going to be “preach to the choir” sessions. Those who attend already agree with what’s being said. Those who don’t will skip them and do more entertaining things, like remove their toenails. These struggle sessions won’t do any of the other things they supposedly intend to do.

Instead, they’ll give some professional victim-studies majors something to do that will look good on a resume to the four people who might hire them in the real world, but who won’t offer enough money to cover their student loans. Beyond that, these workshops annoy the hell out of the majority of the student body for funding this instead of actual student activities.

But since real student activities are fun, the social justice jihadists at UCLA probably oppose them as well.