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Sorry, Salon: Republicans Are Not 'Punishing' Poor People

If there’s one thing that defines the Left, it’s the belief that each and every idea it disagrees with must be the result of hatred for the poor.

Take this article at Salon: “How radical Republicans punish poor people.” That title is followed with this subhead: “From trying to gut Medicare to overhauling government agencies, the party targets the country’s most vulnerable.”

And people wonder why there’s such a deep political divide these days.

Most progressives share this thinking. They see every policy proposal as not just insensitive to the needs of the poor, but as expressly antagonistic to them. Charles Krauthammer was correct: “Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

Of course, the Left is wrong. Their entire line of thinking hinges around the idea that there is no other reason to carry out conservative policies except to hurt the poor.

Restructuring the government to remove redundant services? Has nothing to do with increasing government efficiency and reducing taxpayer costs. No, it’s about hurting poor people, and that’s it.

Medicaid reform? Has nothing to do with preventing insolvency and eliminating massive fraud. Nope, it’s about giving indigent people the middle finger.

Tax cuts aren’t really about leaving more money in Americans’ pockets and creating an environment for business to launch and expand, creating jobs that bring the poor into the middle class. Nope. They’re about hurting poor people.

Do these people imagine Republicans sitting in boardrooms debating how to screw over low-income families? Yes, they really think that happens.

They can’t comprehend that there’s a fundamental disagreement about how to help the poor. It’s the same thinking that makes them believe opposing gun control means explicitly that you want to see kids be killed.

The Left lacks any ability to see beyond their own worldview, and to understand there might simply be another approach to solve the same problem. Republicans think the best way to help the poor is to let the ingenuity of the private sector flourish. Progressives think the best way to help the poor is for the government to seize taxpayer profits and redistribute them. Republicans have a record of success. Progressives have a record of $100T in unfunded liabilities and horrific urban project housing and public schools.

Even with redistribution’s atrocious results, the Left thinks we’re all evil. That just shows us that they really are stupid.

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