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Harvard Extension School Now Offers 'Social Justice Certificate' Program

Harvard University (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

For centuries, Harvard was known for only providing the country’s highest-quality education. Those days are now over thanks to radical Leftism.

Harvard University Extension School — the university’s arm that offers the equivalent of two-year degrees — is now offering a certificate in “social justice.”

“The Social Justice Certificate can be earned after passing 16 credit hours in relevant courses, and is offered by the Harvard Extension School, a ‘fully accredited Harvard school’ with an online-based platform,” writes Toni Airaksinen at Campus Reform.

Airaksinen lists some of the classes that qualify:

The recently launched certificate allows students to take classes such as “Chocolate, Culture, and the Politics of Food,” “The Culture of Capitalism,” and “Storytelling and Global Justice” for credit, and Harvard stresses that courses taken prior to the 2016–17 academic year “do not apply toward this certificate.”

Other classes in the program include “The Minimum Wage Debate,” “The Politics of Religion in Liberal Democracies,” and “Readings in Black Radicalism” — a class dedicated to exploring readings on topics such as black Marxism, black feminism, and reparations.

Isn’t that special.

Social justice once sounded sensible to me. It sounded like an activist approach to enforcing the Constitution.

Well, that idea was actually an ideological cancer seeking to undermining the Constitution. It’s not about equality under the law, but about enforcing lawlessness and identity superiority. It seeks to teach Americans that racism is moral, that we must judge based on the color of one’s skin and not the content of one’s character.

Harvard is now offering a certificate in that horror.

At least MIT’s Pirate certificate is meant to be a joke. Harvard isn’t joking here. Luckily, the reality of adulthood and the job market will be having a good laugh at the certificate holder’s expense.