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British Police Give Ominous Warning on Speaking About Alfie Evans

What’s happening in England to Alfie Evans is a nightmare. Let’s skip the debate on universal healthcare — the British government has gone from refusing additional treatment for the young boy to preventing the efforts of others to treat the child at no cost to the British subjects.

Then, on Wednesday the British subjects were issued an ominous warning by the Merseyside Police via Twitter:

If you say things they don’t like about this horror, they might arrest you.

The Facebook post linked in the tweet mentions that “threatening behavior” is what they won’t tolerate. But this is the same country that recently convicted a man for teaching a pug how to make a Nazi salute. So we can’t trust that they mean only threatening behavior.

The truth is that people are horrified that the government is not simply refusing to treat a sick child, it is insisting that the child die.

Another country has offered to take the boy and treat him, according to the parents’ wishes. It won’t cost the British government a penny, but they won’t do it.

And the police have the nerve to threaten Britons for expressing outrage?

The UK is well on its way to being the totalitarian police state George Orwell warned of 70 years ago. For the “safety” of the public, cameras on every street corner in London became a ban on the carrying of knives became monitoring what people say on Twitter. For their safety.

Yet doing anything at all for Alfie Evans’ safety is forbidden.

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