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London Mayor Sadiq Khan: 'There Is Never a Reason to Carry a Knife.' Here Are 5

London Mayor Sadiq Khan raises right hand while holding microphone in his left.

On Sunday morning, London's Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan responded to violence throughout Britain's capital by declaring that no person in London should carry a knife. Seriously.

"No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife," Khan tweeted. "Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law."

Along with this message, Khan included a blog post about mayoral efforts to fight violent crime. The mayor listed a few rather interesting crime prevention efforts that could be termed "knife control."

  • Knife wands are now available for every school in London to help keep young people safe, with 150 schools so far taking up the offer
  • The widely shared London Needs You Alive campaign brings together role models and youth influencers to send a positive message to young people - that they shouldn’t put their lives at risk by carrying a knife
  • The Mayor is working to bring in more Safer Schools Officers to help to drive down knife crime in schools

Some of these efforts seem quite reasonable and wise. After all, London has seen more than 50 homicides already in 2018, and most of the city's murder victims have been stabbed to death, as guns have been effectively banned. If the trend for the last few months continues, London will surpass the 130 murders in 2017, reaching a number not seen since the early 2000s.

In February and March, London actually recorded more homicides than New York City for the first time in modern history.

Even so, Sadiq Khan seems to have demonized knives in the same way many on the Left in America demonize guns. That particular phrase in the "London Needs You Alive" bullet — "they shouldn't put their lives at risk by carrying a knife" — sounds rather excessive.

Contrary to Khan's declaration, there are quite a few valid reasons to carry a knife. PJ Media has compiled a list of five below.

1. Transporting a knife.

Knives are a common kitchen item: from the flimsiest plastic butter knife to the sharpest serrated steak knife. As with all other human tools, knives wear out and need to be replaced. Does Khan really think Londoners should have "no excuse" to carry a knife right after purchasing one at the store? Would London cops see a knife in an unopened package and confiscate this dangerous weapon?

Steak knives, silver knives, and exotic knives of all kinds often make excellent gifts. Suppose a British person is walking down Baker Street with a knife wrapped up around Christmas time. Has this person put his or her "life at risk"?