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Maryland NAACP Cites Hoax as Evidence of Racism

Since Donald Trump’s election, many, many reported “hate crimes” later turned out to be hoaxes: they either didn’t happen at all, or were faked to promote a Leftist agenda.

Why would people fake such incidents? Because groups like the Anne Arundel County NAACP utilize them.

The group’s leader cited a recent incident of a threat being made on social media. As the Baltimore Sun reported:

Joined by families of students at the school, he cited a recent social media threat that targeted black students at the school with violence and a complaint against a former teacher who used a racial slur to attack a student.

There’s just one problem: a black student made that threat against black students:

Lt. Ryan Frashure, Anne Arundel County police spokesman, said investigators have identified the student who posted that threat — an African-American student who was charged as a juvenile with disrupting school activities.

NAACP President Rev. Stephen Tillett claimed that this doesn’t cancel out other problems, which is correct. However, his citation of that threat as an example does undermine his entire claim.

As The College Fix reports, there were two other claims: “Other allegations of racist behavior included a girl being suspended for attempting to break up a fight after her friend was called a racial slur, and a teacher allegedly using a slur and telling a black male student that he ‘didn’t trust’ African-Americans.”

If you present three examples of racism and one turns out to be bogus, guess what happens to the other two? They get questioned as well. What evidence does the NAACP actually have to substantiate the circumstances of that fight? Or of the teacher incident?

This is why hate crime hoaxes and those who eagerly spread news of reported incidents without due diligence are so damaging. They fuel hate and make it difficult to accurately assess the true state of racism in America today.

Hoaxes don’t hurt your political opposition. Hoaxes, especially ones cooked up by kids and college students, tend to unravel quickly. In reality, but for the few hundred idiots in a country of over 300 million who actively promote such hate, your political opposition sides with you in condemning racist acts.

Hoaxers and dishonest racism activists foster the division they supposedly wish to eradicate.