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Maxine Waters Thinks It's Racist to Question Her Intelligence

U.S. Representative Maxine Waters attends the Prayer Breakfast at the 47th Annual Legislative Conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center On Saturday September 23, 2017 in Washington D.C (AP Photo/Earl Gibson III)

Rep. Maxine Waters of California is one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics. Whether or not she’s an effective critic or not is something left to be seen, of course. But she certainly is vocal.

Since she’s so vocal, it’s not surprising that President Trump threw a few shots her way when he spoke at the Gridiron Club dinner, which is historically a time when presidents make lighthearted jabs at both friends and opponents.

Basically, he said Waters needs to immediately take an IQ test.

Waters, unsurprisingly, didn’t like the joke.

“I certainly expected him to come out with some racist remarks about me. So he did exactly what I expected him to do. And, by the way, I’m told he wasn’t funny at all,” she said in response to Trump’s comments, after blasting the president for his own supposed stupidity.

Now, first, let’s keep in mind that Maxine Waters has been screaming about impeachment pretty much from the moment Trump was inaugurated, despite there being no evidence of any wrongdoing on the president’s part. Let’s also keep in mind that she’s ignored all evidence to the contrary and continues to scream about collusion.

Let’s also not forget that this woman actually claimed Trump had the KKK in his cabinet. She also claimed that Russian-owned television network RT “blocked” a speech she was giving after a glitch at C-SPAN caused the public access network to run the Russian feed.  She also claimed sequestration would cost 170 million jobs, despite that being more than the total number of jobs in this country.

This is the same woman who said she had to march because her mother could not have had an abortion. Now, personally, I see that as the best pro-choice argument out there, but probably not for the reason Waters thinks.

But questioning her intelligence is racist?


Look, politicians get criticized, but much like we saw with Obama, Waters and company are playing the “if you criticize someone who is black, you’re criticizing someone because they’re black” card. It’s a pathetic attempt at race-baiting, but it’s made all the more pathetic because of some of the stupid things Waters has said in just the last year or so.

Maxine Waters isn’t stupid because she’s black. Skin color has no bearing on the matter here. No, she’s stupid and also just happens to be black. Trust me, if Nancy Pelosi or Chris Murphy were making these comments, they’d have been blasted by Trump in probably the exact same way.

It’s not racist, for crying out loud. It’s the wage of making a career out of saying incredibly stupid stuff anytime there’s a microphone nearby.