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Cop's Wife Reportedly Faked Pregnancy and Cancer, and May Be Seeking Baby to Kidnap

Cleveland police are warning area hospitals to be on the lookout for Dawn Brown. Authorities say Brown, the wife of a Cleveland police officer, may be seeking a newborn baby to kidnap.

Brown and her husband also stand accused of faking her pregnancy, and faking her case of terminal cancer.

Brown and her husband, Ken Brown, reportedly came under investigation following a January 14 fundraiser held at the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association hall. The two were the focus of several fundraisers throughout 2017 as well.

Ken Brown abruptly retired on Wednesday. That was the same day Cleveland Clinic’s Fairview Hospital issued a warning to employees about Brown’s alleged scam pregnancy. That same warning stated authorities were “concerned that Brown could attempt to try [to] take a baby from the hospital.”

WKYC reports:

Cleveland Clinic followed on Thursday with a statement saying: “Based on information we received from the Cleveland Police Department, we have taken extra measures to ensure patients are safe and secure at Fairview Hospital. We take this matter seriously and want to reassure our patients that their safety is our top priority.”

Channel 3 News first reported the allegations and has since looked into Dawn Brown’s history. She’s made claims of being pregnant with cancer before, and a woman matching her name and description was suspected of scouting local hospital maternity wards in 2001.

Brown claims to have been fighting cancer for decades. She’s also been married at least six times, and at least three of the divorce records reportedly paint a picture of a con artist.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have people like Brown in any charitable society. We like to take care of each other here, and that means pitching in and helping someone out. You’ve got cancer? Your neighbors have your back. That’s the American way.

However, you’ll always have people who will try to take advantage of that culture. People are capable of being awful. They’re sick, just not the kind of sick they’re claiming to be.

In the process, they do untold damage to people who are really suffering. They make it harder for others to trust stories of need. They make it less likely that people will dig in and help.

Dawn Brown has reportedly received a lot of scorn from those who had supported her. Frankly, if she’s a con artist and capable of kidnapping, then scorn should be the least of her problems.