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Antifa Wannabe Asks Gun Store Owner, 'Do You Sell to Kikes?'

For all their talk about violent gun owners, leftists sure don’t act like they’re scared. Most gun store clerks in progressive areas have stories of leftists coming into the store and talking smack.

Private Sector Arms in Olympia, Washington, has a video to back up their story of a bizarre leftist encounter.

Seriously, who walks into a gun store and asks, “Do you sell to kikes?”

Note the flags that Junior there refers to as Nazi flags: the Gadsden flag and the Betsy Ross flag.

Who knew the Third Reich was so popular with our Founding Fathers a century and a half before it even existed?

Eventually, the owner calls the police and our special snowflake is at a loss for what his/her/its crime is. After all, didn’t the clerk say those free Bibles were for anyone? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you can throw them on the roof of the store.

This is one of those bizarre encounters that almost has to be seen to be believed…unless you understand the M.O. of today’s leftists. Had someone walked into a medical marijuana dispensary or vegan cafe and pulled stuff like this, there would be headlines all over the nation. But because it’s a gun store, no one in the mainstream media cares.

Pathetic and more proof of the media’s double standard.