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Does Time Travel Already Exist? Video Claims It Does

Time travel is a staple of science fiction and has been since just about forever in the genre, but it’s also one of the more controversial themes as well. After all, if we can do it, what are the ramifications of time travel? Wouldn’t we create time paradoxes? If not, why haven’t we killed Hitler before he rises to power?

Things like that.

Anyway, while this is big in science fiction, it’s not fact. We can’t travel through time, right? Well, a video on YouTube claims that not only is it possible, but it’s happened.

“Noah” in the video argues that time travel was developed in 2003 (pronounced “twenty-oh-three”) and will be made public in 2028.

To support his arguments, he presents several future “facts” that should verify his claim. Most, however, are kind of no-brainers. The idea that virtual reality and artificial intelligence are going to be big are things isn’t exactly a stretch. Dating them for 2021, however, is a nice twist.

For Trump fans, the good news is that Trump will supposedly win reelection in 2020, so there’s that.

Meanwhile, a document cited by The Express argues that time travel actually is possible.

That means this is legit, right?

Uh…no. He’s not the first to claim to be a time traveler, and he won’t be the last. All of his claims are years down the road, which means there’s absolutely no way to verify his claims right now. That’s kind of the point.

Meanwhile, people are talking about the video and it’s getting press. Yes, I’m doing the same, but it’s worth pointing out that at least I’m questioning the veracity of the claims. Basically, I’m calling bull.

But it’s good for a laugh, and the guy who made the video reportedly got $700 for his troubles, so there’s that.