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Professor Claims 'Right Wing' More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorists

The left loves to portray right-wingers as violent reactionaries always within a hair’s breadth of snapping and killing everyone in their orbit. In fact, it’s so bad that they are claiming that the right wing is more of a danger than Islamic terrorists — and they are trying to convince the world they’re right.

They’re even trying to indoctrinate college students with this so-called “fact.”

From The College Fix:

According to audio clips of her lectures originally posted on American’s e-learning software Blackboard over the summer and obtained by The College Fix, Professor Erin Kearns said Americans seem most afraid of Islamic terrorists, but that so-called right-wing extremists here have actually committed a higher number of attacks.

An analysis by The College Fix of Global Terrorism Database stats, however, finds that while radical Islamic terrorists carry out fewer attacks, they are far more deadly attacks than other types of terrorism in the United States and have – by a wide margin – killed and injured a majority of the victims in terrorist attacks in America between 2011 and 2016.

“I would guess that a handful of you are probably like, ‘Oh, it’s some radical of Islam, people who are using that to justify their violence,’” Kearns had said during a May lecture regarding what she contends might be one’s first reaction when learning of an attack.

“That is a common, common assumption,” the professor continued. “In reality, if we look at the past 10 years, only about 12 percent of terrorist attacks in the U.S. have been committed by Muslims.”

But attacks perpetrated by jihadists “get more coverage, politicians talk about them more, media talks about them more,” Kearns added. “So it is understandable why the average American has this frankly inaccurate view of what the threat is. When we actually look at it, over half the attacks in the past 10 years have been committed by some right-wing extremist group.”

As The College Fix noted, however, Islamic terrorists kill far more people. Politicians and the media talk about it more because, as the old journalism adage goes, “if it bleeds, it leads.” Attacks with low body counts don’t make the national headlines as readily as ones with higher body counts.

As a result of this, news of deadly attacks with multiple fatalities eclipses news of other kinds of attacks except, maybe, in the locales where these other attacks happen.

Had Kearns, who teaches at American University, argued that right-wing terrorists are woefully inept in their attempts at hight body counts, she might have had a point. That’s not what she’s claiming, though.

No, she’s arguing that the right wing is somehow more dangerous, that we’re all ticking time bombs waiting to explode. Meanwhile, I’m sure she had plenty of comments about the left’s support for Antifa following Charlottesville, right?


Yeah. Just what I thought.