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OCC Students Storm Administration, Demand Ouster of College Republicans

When you tell a liberal that college campuses are hostile environments for conservatives, many will laugh at you, not grasping the extent of the problem.

There is an all-out effort to cleanse campuses of all dissent against progressivism. See the mess at Orange Coast College, where students are demanding the administration simply ban opposing views:

Students and faculty stormed the Orange Coast College administration building Monday to protest the release of public records and demand that the administration end its “neutrality” on political issues by removing the College Republicans.

The protest formed in opposition to the OCC College Republicans chapter, which released emails obtained from a public records request showing Professor Jessica Alabi telling OCC President Harkins that she would “stand up” to the club if he did not. The documents also revealed that Alabi later prevented several Republican club members from attending one of her events on campus because they were deemed a threat to the students’ “safe space.”

The CRs have demanded an investigation into Alabi’s behavior, which fits into a wider pattern of faculty hostility toward the club ever since it made national news by released a recording of one professor’s classroom rant calling Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism.”

Students, faculty, and union leaders rallied on campus to echo Alibi’s hostility toward the CRs, chanting, “No Hate, No KKK, No Fascist USA” — a common phrase among left-wing protest organizations — and demanding that administrators to “get that club out of our face.”


What is happening here is simple. The special snowflakes of OCC don’t like that there’s a group that is willing to challenge them, forcing them to think, so they want it eliminated. They aren’t looking for dialogue, they aren’t training themselves to present logical arguments in debate, and they aren’t learning that the world will always be full of people who disagree. Instead, they’re trying to use the power of the school administration — the highest authority in their community — to “make the bad people stop.”

Rather than beat the conservative students with better ideas, they simply want to stomp them out of existence. Perhaps, deep down, they know they simply cannot win debates with the conservative students if there’s a free flow of ideas. So they want to stop the flow.

In an update, Campus Reform reports that the college has released a statement:

OCC strives to be all-inclusive institution where individuals and groups with differing ideas and opinions can come together in a civil manner.

Literally nothing I’ve seen from OCC recently is indicative of them striving for that ideal. Suspending Alabi and commending the students who spoke up about her inability to “come together in a civil manner” would have been a start.