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Magazine Headline: 'You Don't Have To Be Racist To Be Racist'

There may be no limit to the all the ways Social Justice Warriors think human beings suck. I’ve long hoped we would eventually reach Peak SJW, a point beyond parody when even SJWs can’t take themselves seriously anymore, but now I’m not sure such a thing is possible.


For example, here’s an article from Affinity Magazine titled “You Don’t Have To Be Racist To Be Racist.”

Yeah, let’s let that stew just a bit:

Whether you experience it or not, the issue of racism is still very prevalent in a diversified country like America. And whether you believe it or not, there are many actions that are considered to be racist even though being racist was not the intent. It is called “Color-blind Racism”, a type of racial discrimination where people of color are unintentionally disregarded when someone is selecting individuals to participate in an activity or service. Not only is this very prevalent in our current society, but it is very harmful as color-blind racism often stems from cultural racism and predisposed stereotypes.

American Sociologist and Professor of Sociology at Duke University, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, has discussed his views on systemic racism in America even despite the lack of people doing or saying things that are not overly racist. Bonilla-Silva has discussed the four different central frames of racial colorblindness in his book Racism Without Racist that was published in 2013, stating that abstract liberalism, naturalism, cultural racism, and minimization of racism are at the core of color-blind racism.


What little support for this nonsense that exists in the article are some research studies into bias and prejudice, in no way supporting writer Evin Zendejas’ thesis in this piece. Much less the headline.

You see, being a racist is rather binary. You either are, or you’re not.

Of course, this article is the Left attempting to keep racism alive so as to prove their own worth to society, and to propagate more “social justice” policies. Racism turned into “micro-aggressions” and “structural racism” when the Left couldn’t find enough examples anymore.

Now, we’ve got the lunacy of “color-blind racism.”

While the whole thing elicits laughter from rational folks, the Left is, of course, seriously trying to figure out how to combat this nonsense right now.

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