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Study Finds Democrats Least Tolerant of Opposing Views

Study Finds Democrats Least Tolerant of Opposing Views
Ashton Whitty, left, 21, and Hailey Carlson, right, 24, University of California, Berkeley students, make their feelings known during a press conference held by the Berkeley College Republicans in Sproul Plaza on the Cal campus in Berkeley, Calif., on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. (Dan Honda/East Bay Times via AP)

The left loves embracing the idea of “tolerance,” yet the rest of us have long observed that all the Left ever seems tolerant of is itself. A new survey from Dartmouth College provides yet more evidence that the volatile political divide in this country is being caused by the intolerant left:

In the campus-wide field survey, students of all political stripes were asked how comfortable they would be about living with a roommate who holds opposing political views. Of the 432 students surveyed, only 39 percent of students who identified as Democrats said they would feel comfortable living with a Republican, 16 percent said they felt neutral about the proposed arrangement, while 45 percent, a plurality, said they felt uncomfortable.

A majority of students who identified as Republicans (69 percent) said they were comfortable living with someone of opposing political views, 19 percent said they felt neutral about it, and only 12 percent said they felt uncomfortable. Among Independent students, 61 percent said they felt comfortable living with someone with opposite views, 22 percent were neutral about it, and 16 percent were uncomfortable.

Yup. The side that is currently breeding violence against speech they disagree with happens to be intolerant of opposing views. They’ve practically built an entire movement on preaching “tolerance,” while those of us who didn’t fall for it recognized it as Orwell’s “newspeak.”

Republicans don’t routinely assault people who disagree with them. When is the last time you saw a group of conservatives hold a riot, or threaten a speaker? Tolerance does not mean acceptance. It means upholding the civil society. You do you, I’ll do me, and we won’t sweat anything else.

This will never be acceptable to the Left, which wants submission from its enemies. They can’t accept that people who disagree with them can be morally decent people who simply have different views on foreign policy or how to help the poor.

Is it any wonder that our nation is in its current shape under these circumstances?