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Antifa Activist Punches Journalist on Camera, Then Claims Self-Defense

What is it about the Antifa movement that simply won’t let them not engage in violence? That’s the question I keep asking myself. Berkeleyeither time at Berkeley, to be honest — was bad enough, but it’s not just there that Antifa seems to believe violence is the answer to political differences.

One of the latest incidents involved Rebel Media editor Jack Posobiec. Posobiec went out to engage Antifa, and captured what happened on video. That’s when things got interesting.

Note how the video makes it clear that Posobiec was talking to someone else when the man in the bike helmet lashed out and assaulted the cameraman. Then, when asked whether he had a problem, the man replied that he did and challenged either the cameraman or Posobiec to a fight.

Once the police arrived, however, the Antifa activists changed their tune and claimed that the punch had been in self-defense.

With the camera right there.

And the police, apparently.

After all, there was no time for anyone to call the police, much less for a car to be dispatched. The police were right there, yet the Antifa jackwagons thought they could claim self-defense on behalf of biker-boy?

Look, I don’t care what you think of Jack Posobiec. This isn’t about him. Not really.

What this is about is a movement that can’t seem to accept any outcome other than violence. Based on the level of screaming directed at Posobiec, I’m suspecting the only reason there wasn’t a punch thrown sooner was because that camera was right there.

There’s no attempt at discourse, just hatred directed at anyone who has the temerity to disagree with Antifa.

That hatred colored their vision, however. They didn’t see Posobiec and his cameraman. They saw people who were less than human. That meant they could assault, challenge, then lie to police about what happened despite knowing there was a camera recording the whole thing. They felt no remorse about it because they weren’t attacking someone they viewed as human.

In a way, Posobiec and his friend were fortunate. Sooner or later, someone is going to be killed. It might be someone Antifa has a dislike for, or it might be an Antifa who tries to attack the wrong person, but unless this stops, someone will die.

And the blood will rest on Antifa’s hands, either way.

Press “Load More” to see the full YouTube video of the encounter.