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Conservative Student Receives Death Threats, and His Car Is Vandalized

To say our nation is divided may well be the grandest of understatements. Neither side has any interest in even listening to the other or engaging in a real and meaningful debate. Instead, things seem to be getting uglier and uglier as time marches on.

It’s especially bad for college students who lean to the right. They’re surrounded, dropped well behind enemy lines — and it doesn’t even matter all that much if you’re in a red state:

Frank Pray, a senior at UNC-CH, said he has received death threats, been called a “racist” and a “bigot” and had his car vandalized — all because he’s an outspoken Republican on campus.

“As a vocal conservative, I expect to get pushback, but there’s a difference between discussing opposing views and being called names and threatened,” Pray said. “Some of my liberal friends are willing to have a discussion, but others are close-minded and almost militant about another perspective.”

Pray said he received the threats via text, email and social media, including Facebook. He said he did not want to disclose whether he reported the threats to campus police because of concerns for his safety, though he said he did report the vandalism incident to the Chapel Hill Police Department.

A flier found on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus and also circulated on social media in February threatened violence against Trump supporters. “If you see something … ” was printed above drawings of a man with a “Make America Great Again” hat and a man with a swastika tattoo. “Do something!” the flier continued, showing drawings of the tattooed man being hit on the head with a baseball bat that said “Bash the Fash.”

The left will point to the swastika tattoo and claim that they’re not talking about all conservatives.  “You only have to worry if you’re a Nazi,” they’d say.

However, look at what happened to Pray. He’s been threatened via multiple forms of communication for simply voting for a different candidate during the election. How is this acceptable?

This is the inevitable result of those who have come to believe the ends justify the means. So long as their Utopian vision comes to pass, who cares if a few conservative or libertarian students get hurt in the process? It’s not like they have equal value as people, right?

This isn’t surprising to anyone reading this, but it needs to be talked about. Often. We need the countless examples of explicit threats from the left to prove that they’re not about tolerance, despite what they claim.

Show them who they really are.

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