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USC Group Removes 'Women' From Title To Be More 'Inclusive'

Some days, the leftists just make it too easy to point and laugh at them. After all, how else can one react to what happened at USC when their Women’s Student Assembly changed its name in an effort to be more “inclusive” for non-female students?

The following sentence was actually uttered by a self-described feminist who has pledged to “dismantle oppressive structures of power” …

“We also don’t want to alienate any of our constituency by focusing exclusively on women.”

Wow. The left truly is eating its own.

In a world in which gender is based on whims and proclivities and not biology or science comes word that a campus group dedicated to empowering women will change its name to pander to “men.”

University of Southern California student leaders on Tuesday voted unanimously to change the name of the Women’s Student Assembly to the Student Assembly for Gender Empowerment.

The given reason? The name Women’s Student Assembly moniker is not inclusive enough to transgender students.

So, are students who identify as women really women, or aren’t they?

You can’t claim they’re women who can use women’s restrooms throughout the country while also saying a group for women excludes them.

The thing is, WSA isn’t even for all women who were born women. It is only for leftist women. From the description of WSA on USC’s website:

WSA works on and off campus to address feminist issues, to engage the community, and to dismantle oppressive structures of power.

If you’re a woman and you’re not a “feminist,” you aren’t welcome. That leaves a lot of women out, because many want nothing to do with the toxic man-hating that modern feminism seems to not only tolerate, but celebrate.

The social justice warriors lump people into groups based on nothing more than superficial traits while pretending to be inclusive. Guess what? It won’t work. It never works.

Eventually, the SJWs will implode into international oppression Olympics that I can only pray will be televised. At some point, they’ll have to address who is more oppressed than whom, and since their entire identities are based on how oppressed they are, no one will acknowledge not being oppressed as much as someone else. It’ll be hilarious.

Let’s just hope this is the first step on that path.