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Muslim Who Voted for Trump Harassed by 'Tolerant' Leftist Professor

When Asra Q. Nomani wrote an op-ed explaining why she, as a Muslim woman and an immigrant, was voting for Trump, she probably expected a bit of pushback. The former Wall Street Journal reporter knows how the game works, after all. What she probably didn’t expect was to be declared non-human by a leftist professor at a university Nomani once taught at.

Unfortunately, that happened, and now Nomani is asking Georgetown University to take some kind of action against Christine Fair for her vile attacks:

On Nov. 22, Fair responded to the post on Twitter.

I’ve written you off as a human being,” Fair wrote in one message detailed in the complaint. “Your vote helped normalize Nazis in D.C. What don’t you understand, you clueless dolt?” Fair wrote, later adding: “YOU publicly voted for a sex assailant.” She went on to say that Nomani “pimped herself out to all media outlets because she was a ‘Muslim woman who voted for Trump.’ ”

Fair called Nomani’s appeal to her employer a “very dangerous trend.” She said Nomani, a former professor at Georgetown, has no standing at the university to complain.

“I am most concerned about the increasing appeal to employers to silence the criticism of citizens made in their private capacity as citizens,” she wrote in an email to The Washington Post. “Because most of us need our jobs, as few of us are financially independent, this is the most pernicious form of bullying of critics.”

It’s interesting that Fair feels that way. After all, she said nothing in defense of either former Firefox CEO Brendan Eich or Sir Tim Hunt, both of whom were hounded out of their jobs for upsetting progressives.

Instead, it looks like Fair is anything but. In fact, she seems to enjoy making sure her opponents don’t get much of a chance to speak.

In October of 2015, Fair was featured opposite Glenn Greenwald to discuss drone strikes on Al Jeezera.  She was rather proud of her constant interruption of Greenwald, then reveled in her jerkish behavior:

After the debate, Fair took to Twitter to mud-sling. She expressed pride at not letting Greenwald speak, boasting she “shut that lying clown down.” “I AM a rambo b**ch,” she proclaimed.

While I tend to agree that the trend to seek out employers of people you disagree with is troubling, it’s inevitable that this would eventually be used on progressives. You can’t get people fired for their opinions for very long before the other side figures “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” and hoists their own black flag before slitting throats (metaphorically).

Frankly, if it starts with Fair, then it’s unlikely to have happened to a more deserving individual.