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Man Who Killed Wife's Would-be Rapist Finds Charges Dropped

Few crimes are as brutal as rape. Especially so-called “stranger rape,” where an unknown party assaults a woman for the purpose of raping her. Thanks to Mamadou Diallo, there’s one fewer threat in the world.


Diallo stood accused of murder for putting down the rabid dog who tried to rape his wife. In a remarkable bout of sanity from New York City, all charges against Diallo were dropped.

Cheers erupted in a Bronx courtroom Wednesday when Mamadou Diallo, charged with assault for fatally beating a would-be-rapist who attacked his wife, was told he was a free man — thanks to an intervention from the victim’s family.

Diallo, 61, showed little reaction when Judge Marc Whiten said, “This matter is dismissed” and officially dropped the assault rap against him.

But his wife, Nenegale Diallo, shed happy tears at the surprise announcement — which came about with the help of victim Earl Nash’s family.

In a letter written by Nash’s relatives and read to the court by ADA Jennifer Cruz, the family said they didn’t want Mamadou Diallo behind bars.

Diallo’s wife called him following the attempted rape. He dutifully arrived with a tire iron in hand and pummeled his wife’s attacker.

He then found himself facing manslaughter charges for his supposed “crime”.

The attacker had a long history of both criminal offenses and mental health problems, having been diagnosed as schizophrenic in 1995.

Some have tried to argue with me that lethal force is never justified. There’s a technical name for people like that: morons.


Diallo’s actions seem brutal, but the victim had already tried to rape his wife and was still in the area. He was still a threat.

Clearly, the powers that be in New York City agreed.

Still, Diallo has to live with what has happened.

“I make condolences to the family of the guy who is dead. My religion doesn’t allow me to kill somebody,” he said. “I don’t want to kill.”

The medical examiner ruled Nash’s death was caused by “cardiorespiratory complications” — the combined result of his being bashed in the head and neck, his “acute cocaine intoxication” and existing heart disease.

There’s nothing wrong with ending a threat to the human race, and that’s what Diallo did.

Personally, I pray that both Diallos can find peace after what happened.  Both have dealt with a massive trauma, and I hope they can move on and actually live in the aftermath of Nash’s actions.


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