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Poll: Americans Not Buying Into Democrats' Anti-Gun Panic Rhetoric

Poll: Americans Not Buying Into Democrats' Anti-Gun Panic Rhetoric
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Democrats Still Can’t Make Gun Laws More Popular

The anti-gun lobby is loud, well-funded, and a darling of the mainstream media. If someone were to awaken from a long coma and begin paying attention to the gun conversation in the American MSM, he or she would undoubtedly believe that most Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of much stricter gun laws or even abolishing the Second Amendment altogether.


That’s not really what is going on in the real world, which is a place that the MSM doesn’t travel to very often.

The anti-gun lobby is just one of the many puppet masters pulling the strings of the empty vessel occupying the Oval Office. They made their intentions known quite early and leaned on Biden to do something quickly. He obeyed his masters via executive action earlier this month.  He had to do it that way because federal gun control legislation rarely gets passed (more on that in a moment).

Despite the overwhelming rhetoric machine that the anti-2A people have, a new poll shows that the American public’s taste for new and stricter laws has dropped a bit.

The Reload:

Support for stricter gun laws fell seven points in the new Pew Research poll. Agreement with the idea that gun laws are about right or too strict rose by the same amount. Overall, Americans are split nearly down the middle with 53 percent supporting stricter gun laws and 46 percent opposing them.

Support for stricter gun laws is down from 2019 and 2018, settling near the levels it was at in 2017. The five specific gun-control proposals included in the poll all saw a drop in support.

The deep division in American’s opinions on guns combined with the relative stability of that divide poses a problem for efforts by Senate Democrats and President Joe Biden to pass new gun-control legislation. Despite the return of mass shootings after a pandemic-induced pause and repeated calls from Democrats and gun-control advocates, Americans are less likely to support tightening gun laws than they were before the pandemic began. With Democrats’ gun-control proposals already facing an uphill battle on Capitol Hill, falling support for further restricting gun ownership is likely to add to the difficulty.


The reason that federal gun control legislation isn’t popular is because a lot of Democrats in flyover country are gun owners. That’s a dirty little secret to the MSM but fairly well known to us rubes in the hinterlands. Here in Arizona’s Wild West, most of my liberal friends and relatives not only own several firearms but they shoot them well too.

Another reason is that Americans want more personal protection as they watch the fabric of society unravel under President Puppet. The Democrats think that civil unrest will make people more amenable to gun control rhetoric when it actually has the opposite effect.

Michael Bloomberg may be able to buy some more executive actions from Joe Biden but that won’t change the fact that his lies don’t resonate with as much of the public as he and the rest of the Big Gun-Grab lobby would like to believe.

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