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Dem Hive Mind Tries to Cancel Chris Pratt for Avoiding Biden Fundraiser

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Chris Pratt Makes the Mistake of Being a Good Guy

Welcome to America in the first year of the 2020s, boys and girls. Everything matters. Nothing matters. There is no way to tell up from down anymore.

Enter Chris Pratt — everything people want to like about an entertainer. He’s a decent, God-fearing guy who always seems to be in a good mood. Scandal-free. Heck, even when he and his first wife Anna Faris got divorced in 2018 it was so amicable people were wondering if they were even real.

But in the aforementioned topsy-turvy nature of American society, Pratt’s decency is a hard “no” from enlightened, tolerant leftists.

OK, it’s not just his decency, it’s also his lack of willingness to participate in the leftist hive mind.

Some of Pratt’s Avengers castmates decided to get together for this bit of nonsense:

Pratt decided that he had common sense, principles, and a life, so he opted out of the reindeer games.

We all know what happens when one of the Borg wanders off the reservation.

The Daily Wire:

“On Tuesday, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Rudd, Don Cheadle, and Zoe Saldana will participate in a fundraising event to support Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris,” Vanity Fair reported.

“Yet while there was broad interest in the latest star-studded push for the Biden campaign, it’s the absence of one key Avengers star that has caused the biggest stir on social media,” the outlet noted. “Shortly after the event was announced, Chris Pratt’s name trended on Twitter, with many criticizing the Guardians of the Galaxy star for his perceived political views.”

As noted by The Daily Wire, Pratt was ridiculed over the weekend for allegedly radiating “homophobic white Christian supremacist energy,” among other left-wing attacks.

Because, of course, everyone who doesn’t support the leftist groupthink mob is homophobic and racist.

They really think that dismissing the over 200 million Christians in the United States as homophobic white supremacists is a sustainable winning political strategy.

I won’t post any of the social media hate directed toward Pratt here because I don’t like giving people like that any kind of publicity. It’s plenty easy to find (especially on Twitter) if you want to.

One of Pratt’s Marvel Cinematic Universe costars was having none of it. Robert Downey Jr. came to Pratt’s defense with a gentle but biting rebuke of those who are attacking his friend:

The “sinless.”


If we just went a few years back in the Wayback Machine we wouldn’t be talking about the need to defend an American because he is a Christian and doesn’t want to support a certain candidate just because some of his friends did, but this is where we are at now:

Yeah, now we have to “defend” someone for being honest and open about his struggle with cancer because he’s a wrongthink Rethuglican. It’s bad to worry about dying in front of all the people who want you dead, after all.

Chris Pratt is being excoriated for openly possessing values that most Americans do. He’s a celebrity, however, and our betters will be having none of that, thank you.

It would be nice if Chris Pratt wasn’t an anomaly in the entertainment industry, but we are well past that point. The fact that he’s there is encouraging, however. The more that the cancel crowd extends its reach like this, the more diluted and weak it gets.

It’s a weird silver lining to see but we have to take the small victories when we can in order to get to the big ones.


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