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Brian 'Poppin' Fresh' Stelter Asks If Any Anti-Trump Media Exists...WHILE ON CNN

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Brian Stelter Is a Cry for Help

This is quite stunning. I happened upon this before I’d had any coffee and had to triple-check that I was reading and hearing things correctly. CNN’s Brian Stelter is generally clueless but we all know that’s not a real hindrance for a career path at that network.

Stelter hosts a weekly panel discussion show that is laughably named Reliable Sources. It’s always a hodgepodge of far-left guests talking about far-left things and pretending that they are representing the mainstream in American political thought. The show’s most recent episode featured what is either the most egregious lack of self-awareness or the most blatant disingenuousness I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been writing about liberal media bias for almost two decades.

One of Stelter’s guests on Sunday was Errin Haines, who founded a news site called The 19th, which purports to be nonpartisan. A quick perusal of its homepage will dispel that notion.

In a truly stunning moment, Stelter asked Haines, “When you see entire media companies essentially exist to tear down Joe Biden, is there an equivalent of that on the left, tearing down Trump?”

Here’s the clip, which was shared on Twitter by my Townhall Media colleague Julio Rosas:

That the exchange happened with straight faces is remarkable enough; that it happened on CNN is truly mind-blowing. CNN has, um, distinguished itself in the Trump era as the most vehemently anti-Trump news outlet in America. Yes, it’s worse than MSNBC because CNN’s people pretend to be nonpartisan journalists. MSNBC hosts are at least up-front about their bias.

CNN has also been carrying heavy water for Joe Biden, most recently attempting to portray the rabidly pro-abortion candidate as Super Catholic, and failing.

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Jim Acosta is CNN’s chief White House correspondent and he’s made a name for himself being a hack partisan attack dog rather than anything resembling a journalist. Acosta’s turns during briefings are one daddy issues red flag after another and almost always cringe-inducing. His presence alone at the network would disqualify it from any claims about being nonpartisan.

One last thing making Stelter’s question all the more outlandish is the fact that he is CNN’s chief media correspondent. It’s his job to monitor and comment on the media. He co-writes a daily newsletter that — and this is a quote from the CNN site — analyzes “how the world’s most powerful news organizations are covering the biggest stories, including media and entertainment.”

It’s literally his job to know what the news media is up to.

Most people will no doubt believe that Stelter is fully aware of how ridiculous his question was. I, however, truly believe that he is that stupid or, at the very least, completely lacking the aforementioned self-awareness.

Those who are ensconced full time in any of the coastal media bubble cities live and work in a self-reinforcing groupthink loop that never challenges their beliefs. They essentially concoct an alternative reality about themselves that is so insulated that they believe it to be true.

Even when the bubble people are exposed to different beliefs — Stelter writes a lot about Fox News, for example — they immediately retreat to their thought cocoons and are comforted by like-minded individuals.

Who all just happen to be sharing the same mind.

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