The Kruiser Kabana Episode 43: Comedian and Former Wall St. Pro Ellen Karis Talks Trump and the Economy

Like me, my friend Ellen Karis is a conservative who has lasted a long time in the comedy business. Yes, we all know each other. Prior to getting into stand-up, Ellen was a CPA who worked on Wall Street. In this first of  two parts, I pick her brain about about where she thinks the economy is headed and how the election is shaping up. Just as Kira Davis was last week, Ellen is a bit more optimistic than I am. I may be converted to the sunny side of the street, but don’t run out and put any money down on it just yet. I’ll keep on in the harbinger of doom niche that I’ve been occupying since March.

Ellen hosts her own podcast, “Karis Comedy Corner,” which can be found on her Facebook page. Follow her on Twitter too. Her website can be found here.

It’s a weird time in stand-up, just like it is in almost every other industry. We get into our thoughts on the future of the business (at length) in Part II, which will post on Tuesday.

Is curfew over yet?


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