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Canadian Climate-Loon Pol Gives Props to Coronavirus for Reducing Wuhan's Carbon Footprint

In recent years, the “Not The Onion” moments from leftists have been coming at us so fast it seems like they’re being fired from a Gatling gun. Today’s example is a politician from Quebec named Luc Ferrandez, who seems to have found the silver lining to the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China.

From The Post Millennial:

Quebec politician and radio talk show host Luc Ferrandez has suggested that the coronavirus has had one “positive” outcome for the city of Wuhan, China—it’s reduced the carbon footprint.

On Saturday, he tweeted: “Wuhan. No automobile traffic. No air flights. The only city on the planet that will meet its GHG reduction targets. The way to this necessary degrowth will happen when all the debates have been in vain.”

Oh, and he tweeted it in French, further reinforcing my belief that French-speaking people shouldn’t have internet:

Meanwhile, in actual Wuhan:

Ferrandez did attempt a little damage control to make himself seem a bit less insensitive and ghoulish, but that’s all kind of undone by the fact that just a couple of months ago he was advocating for people to off themselves to make the world a better place:

Writing in a Facebook post, the former mayor of Plateau Mont-Royal said, “Could we, for environmental, social and economic reasons, decide that we want to receive help to die so as not to be a burden for our family and society in general?”

The climate loons are really anti-human. They value the lives of animal species they can’t even pronounce while none-too-subtly lobbying for the end of the human race. It takes a particularly twisted word view to root for a plague to hit.

Especially in French.


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