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Judge Orders Google to Turn Over a Year's Worth of Jussie Smollett's Data to Special Prosecutor

Jussie Smollett (by: zz/Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx via AP)

The ongoing saga of former C-list actor Jussie Smollett vs. Reality continues to move in a direction that doesn’t bode well for him. The infamous hoaxer’s “attack” is the subject of an investigation by a special prosecutor. who is about to get a lot more private information about Smollett.

The Chicago Tribune:

A Cook County judge has ordered Google to turn over Jussie Smollett’s emails, photos, location data and private messages for an entire year as part of the special prosecutor’s investigation into the purported attack on the actor.

Two sweeping search warrants, obtained by the Chicago Tribune, provide the first public glimpse at the direction of the probe by special prosecutor Dan Webb more than four months into the investigation.

The warrants, filed last month in Circuit Court, sought a trove of documentation from Smollett and his manager’s Google accounts — not just emails but also drafted and deleted messages; any files in their Google Drive cloud storage services; any Google Voice texts, calls and contacts; search and web browsing history; and location data.

The article says that it is “unclear” whether anything has yet been given to the special prosecutor.

This lengthy sad story is likely to drag on for some time. Smollett has shown no remorse, even going so far as to try and blame the police for his predicament.

Chicago police were obviously not thrilled with the resources they wasted on Smollett’s hate crime theater and even less amused with Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who dropped all charges against Smollett because Michelle Obama asked her to for no reason whatsoever.

Foxx is also a target of the probe, and she just happened to lawyer up a little more when this Google news hit:

Off to see how much of my Google history I can actually purge.


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