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The Morning Briefing: Beto Is Wrong About Everything and He'll Soon Be Gone

The Morning Briefing: Beto Is Wrong About Everything and He'll Soon Be Gone
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Panic Attack!

Horse Mouth O’Rourke is really upping his desperation candidate game:

If a scientist said “Hello” to Beto I would doubt he’d understand it. O’Rourke is the dumbest Democrat still standing, which is saying a lot in a field that includes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Because most celebrities are stupid, Beto still has a lot of entertainment industry support.

What Beto doesn’t understand is that he is nothing more than a product of the mainstream media’s “Turn Texas Blue” fever dream. He was never going to win his Senate race against Ted Cruz and now he is a weaker version of Pete Buttigieg, offering no real tactical advantage to Democratic voters.

This latest attempt of O’Rourke’s to get the federal government all up in our business is just another example of why he can’t be taken seriously about anything,


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Bee Me 

The Kruiser Kabana

Because Perfect

Had a great time at my HS reunion this past weekend and it got me thinking about some of my favorite songs from back in the day:

I don’t think pumpkin spice is real.

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