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The Morning Briefing: Make Columbus Day Great Again

The Morning Briefing: Make Columbus Day Great Again
The Christopher Columbus statue is shown at Manhattan's Columbus Circle, Sunday Aug. 27, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)


Christopher Columbus was one of the first victims of Cancel Culture before it was even called Cancel Culture.

Due to a decided lack of saintliness, the explorer who kickstarted this hot mess of fun and freedom we now enjoy here in the Western Hemisphere became the whipping-boy for progressives who want to rewrite history to fit a PC diversity narrative.

I always liked Columbus Day when I was a kid. It was a nice, stress-free day off from school. I have never been much of a Halloween fan, so Columbus Day was my one little moment in the long slog between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

Now I’m supposed to celebrate “Indigenous Peoples Day,” which doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue and really lacks focus. The various indigenous peoples from this part of the world aren’t all the same, so it’s really not clear what is being celebrated.

There is also the fact that many of them weren’t any nicer than Columbus, so if we’re canceling people for being awful, they’re as cancel-worthy as our intrepid Italian.

If history is going to be limited to those who are flawless, then there isn’t going to be much history. That gives the progressive revisionists more room to make things up.

Speaking of Awful

I’m the worst.

And Speaking of (Fake) Indigenous Peoples

Fauxcahontas isn’t picking up a lot of party support thus far:

Despite Ms. Warren’s upward momentum in polls and fund-raising, she lacks the support of a single governor, big-city mayor or fellow senator outside Massachusetts.

There has been little scrutiny of Warren during her ascendance in the polls. Now that she is the front-runner in a lot of polls, the glare of the spotlight will become more uncomfortable for her. She will also be the focus of most of the attacks in the next debate, which should be interesting. A Massachusetts Democrat doesn’t exactly get battle-tested when running for office. She may wither as the center of attention.

Or she will just make up yet another origin story.

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