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The Morning Briefing: How Long Can Dems Live on a Diet of Nothingburgers?

The Morning Briefing: How Long Can Dems Live on a Diet of Nothingburgers?
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Continuing the Theme…

Day two of Impeachapalooza rolled on through the Two-Nations weirdness that is now the United State of America. The release of the phone transcript between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky turned out to be another gotcha-free “Gotcha!” moment for the Democrats, though you wouldn’t be able to ascertain that from their reactions.


After the transcript turned out to be a yawner, we were assured that the classified whistleblower complaint would be the next magic bullet to end the Trump presidency. That has now been declassified and should be released to the public today. It’s such a ticking time bomb of nothing that a Republican congressman is encouraging everyone to read it. [Update: the whistleblower report has been released.]

The Democrats and squish Republican Never Trumpers (all 17 of them who are left) are operating under the impression that there is a great groundswell of support for impeachment among the common folk, which simply isn’t true (there is another poll cited in the links below).

This flailing has to be exhausting for them but, bless their little hearts, they don’t seem to be wearing down yet.

The weirdness is in the fact that both Democrats and Republicans feel vindicated at the moment. Despite what public education has been telling kids for a generation, everyone can’t be right.

An old friend of mine asked a question that many others have as well:

My answer is a simple one: one side is operating in the real world, and one has been swimming in a sea of delusion for over three years.


I know I’m dry.

She’s a Terminal Media Disease

If Satan had a girlfriend…

“Alexa, find me a job…”

Many like to complain about technology overrunning our lives. This is pretty cool though:

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Bee Me


The Kruiser Kabana

I would name him Jeffrey, but spell it Geoffrey because he’s fancy.

One of the Great Showbiz Friendships

Stay dry.


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