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Yang Makes Fall Debates After Passing Cratering Beto in Iowa

Yang Makes Fall Debates After Passing Cratering Beto in Iowa
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Firmly entrenched at the top of the polling for the race to become the party of youth and diversity’s presidential nominee are three white people who are a combined 223 years-old. There is, however, some movement among the lower-tier candidates that at least gives political junkies something to watch.


Entrepreneur Andrew Yang and his gimmicky “guaranteed $1000 a month income” campaign pitch are picking up a little steam.


Yang crossed the second of two required debate thresholds on Thursday, when he polled at 2 percent in a Monmouth University poll in Iowa. He had previously received at least 2 percent in three other polls approved by the Democratic National Committee and has hit the required 130,000 unique donor mark.

While most of the Democratic candidates are promising free things like health care and education, Yang cuts right to the chase and offers free money. It was only a matter of time before the greedy liberal electorate helped him gain a little traction.

Even more delightful is the fact that Yang moved up in this poll at the expense of former media golden boy Beto O’Rourke:

At the other end of the spectrum, onetime Democratic phenom Beto O’Rourke was outperformed in the poll by Yang, clocking in at under 1 percent.

During one of the recent Democratic debates, I was having a Twitter conversation with a still-rabid Beto supporter who was a perfect example of the nonsensical nature of media-made candidates.


The guy kept tweeting dubious polls at me about Beto being able to carry Texas in a general election. I naturally kept responding with reality, explaining that O’Rourke’s chances of making it to anywhere near the end of the primary season were practically nonexistent.

It mattered not to him. He kept telling me that I was stupid all the while ignoring the very linear process required for his candidate to make it to the general election.

I wish I could remember the guy’s Twitter handle just so I could enjoy repeatedly pointing out to him that the magic unicorn that Beto is supposed to ride to the nomination has a wheezing cough and is about to expire.

Petty? Maybe.

Fun? All day.

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