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Hypocrisy Update: Sanders Campaign Hit With Federal Labor Complaint

Hypocrisy Update: Sanders Campaign Hit With Federal Labor Complaint
(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) just can’t shake the labor wage woes plaguing his campaign. After it was revealed that staffers were upset about being underpaid by the champion of higher minimum wages, the campaign responded by cutting their hours.

That doesn’t seem to have placated everyone.

The Hill:

An unidentified individual this week filed an unfair labor practice complaint against Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaign alleging illegal retaliation against staffers.

The complaint, filed on Monday with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), came amid a dispute between unionized field organizers for Sanders’s campaign and its management over wages that workers say fell below the senator’s long-touted $15-an-hour standard.

The bitter irony of Sanders and his staff having to struggle with the consequences of a minimum wage number that’s based on emotion and a Twitter hashtag rather than sound economics isn’t lost on most people. Sanders and his people are probably mystified by all of the reality hitting them, however, as that is never factored into socialist fantasy.

They no doubt thought all of this was behind them when they finally capitulated on Tuesday and offered field staffers the $15 an hour that they wanted rather than merely an adjustment in their hours.

The complaint alleges more than just wage problems, however:

The unfair labor practice complaint mentions five alleged violations of the National Labor Relations Act, including improper retaliation against employees and even the unlawful discharge of a staffer.

Sanders made a big deal out of having his campaign staffers unionize and it’s been a headache for him.

It’s kind of fun for the rest of us though.