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De Blasio Angers Fellow Democrats by Quoting Che Guevara at Miami Rally

De Blasio Angers Fellow Democrats by Quoting Che Guevara at Miami Rally
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during a news conference Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio followed up a debate performance that many were praising by seeing how quickly he could stick his foot in his mouth:

More from the Miami Herald:

De Blasio, who participated in Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate, dropped Che’s most famous quote as he joined workers who walked off the job in protest of poor conditions and compensation. As the crowd of around 100 chanted behind him, de Blasio urged them to unionize. “The eyes of the world are on this airport, the eyes of the world are on Miami-Dade.”

Before giving up the microphone to the next speaker, de Blasio blurted a quote from one of the most hated historical figures throughout Miami: “Hasta la victoria siempre!”

The phrase — which translates roughly to “Ever on to victory!” — was a mantra for Guevara, who became one of Fidel Castro’s top lieutenants. Guevara is considered a murderous sociopath by Miami’s Cuban exile community, but has been treated by some leftists as a martyr and to some extent became a pop culture figure following his execution in Bolivia.

Guevara is considered a murderous sociopath because he was a murderous sociopath. He’s a heroic martyr to leftists because they tend to gravitate toward the murderous sociopath types like Stalin, Mao, and Che.

Two big problems with de Blasio doing this come immediately to mind.

The first is that it is indicative of just how far to the left mainstream Democrats have gone. They’ve been cozying up to socialism and communism for so long that they don’t even try to mask it anymore. Had de Blasio done this in any other city than Miami he wouldn’t be getting excoriated by other Democrats, which leads us to the second problem.

How monumentally stupid does one have to be to quote a central figure from the Cuban revolution in a city filled with people who spent decades fleeing the Castro regime?

I wouldn’t be surprised at all that the only reason he did this was to prove that he too could speak a little Spanish after Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro got the pandering started in the debate. I would say that this can’t have been approved by his staff but I would probably be wrong.

Che has been mainstreamed by American liberals. After all, what does a voluminous body count matter when the guy helped bring about “universal health care” to Cuba, right?