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Biden Bows and Scrapes for Planned Parenthood to Prove His Love for Abortion

(AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Former Vice President Joe Biden has had a rough couple of weeks. He has been atop the polls since entering the race and therefore is the candidate with the biggest target on his back.

Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep stood out from the 2020 Democratic crowd because he was the lone candidate who supported the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the federal funding of abortion.

That’s not enough abortion lust for 21st-century Democrats.

His opponents joined forces and assailed Biden en masse until he relented, but he is still being excoriated for having deviated from the new ultra-left hive mind in the first place.

On Saturday, Biden had to face the overlords of the nation’s largest abortion mill to atone for his sins against liberalism:

The Washington Post:

The emotional moment at the Planned Parenthood candidates forum in South Carolina on Saturday came just after Biden was asked to defend his “mixed record” on abortion.

Last month, some Democratic activists, lawmakers and 2020 challengers condemned Biden over his career-long support for the Hyde Amendment forcing Biden to flip his position and come out against it.

Biden sought to explain that he shifted his stance because his overall health-care plan — which he has not released — would rely on expanding access to federally funded health insurance, which means that if the Hyde Amendment remained in place, those people wouldn’t have access to abortion coverage.

Biden has a multi-decade Senate career and was the most recent Democratic vice president. There is no greater indication of just how far to the left his party has gone than the fact that he is being forced to explain his liberal bona fides.

While working on this post, this tweet came across my timeline:

I’ve written lately that the Democrats seem to be working hard to get Trump re-elected. They still do nothing but dwell upon what coastal media bubble liberals want. The people in flyover country who abandoned the Democrats in 2016 are still largely looked upon with derision by present-day liberals.

The people in flyover country still vote though, and the Democrats are really setting themselves up to once again be surprised by that.