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Even James Comey Says There's No Constitutional Crisis

Even James Comey Says There's No Constitutional Crisis
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

This is the kind of hysterical nonsense that people who peruse the mainstream media on a daily basis are continually subjected to:

There is almost nonstop chatter/speculation/shrieking about a constitutional crisis and/or impeaching the president.

Former FBI Director James Comey has become such a darling of the Trump-hating circuit that CNN gave him a town hall forum on Thursday, the two-year anniversary of his firing.

When lobbed a leading question by host Anderson Cooper, Comey’s response surely disappointed the frothing CNN hordes.

The Hill:

Former FBI Director James Comey said Thursday in a CNN town hall that he does not believe, as some top Democrats have said, that the U.S. is in a “constitutional crisis.”

“I actually don’t think so,” Comey said when asked by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper whether the U.S. was in a constitutional crisis.

“We’re in a time where our constitutional design, the genius of our Founders, is going to be tested, and I think it’s up for it,” he added during the town hall on the 2-year anniversary of his firing.

Comey did say that he thought the system here was being “stress tested.”

He is correct on that count, but it isn’t the president who is testing it, as I’m sure he and the CNN audience believe.

The American mainstream media has been acting out ever since it failed to get the most unlikable candidate in history elected to an office she felt entitled to. It’s been a pathetic tantrum with only one objective: disrupt the presidency, usually with unsubstantiated speculation, with the end game being the removal of a duly elected president from office.

That, by the way, would actually create a constitutional crisis.

Democrats might want to pause long enough to consider the fact that even James Comey couldn’t agree with them on this one.

When was the last time he turned down an opportunity to badmouth President Trump on camera?