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California Dems Legalizing Soviet-Style Reporting of Legal Gun-Owning Co-Workers

(Jeremy Long/Lebanon Daily News via AP)

A little over a year ago I left one of the most beautiful places on Earth — California — because the Democrats running the state were even worse than the Democrats ruining various other states and municipalities throughout America.

I wrote a farewell post here titled “Dear California: Call Me When the Commies Leave” in which I chronicled many of my problems with the Democratic supermajority in the California legislature.

Many think I use the term “commie” flippantly, but I assure you that is not the case. When I call someone a commie, he or she is acting like a commie.

One thing I never doubted for a moment was that the Democrats running the Golden State would continue to prove worthy of the description:

Welcome to the slipperiest of slopes, law-abiding citizens of America.

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The measure, AB 61, passed the Assembly in a Democrat-heavy 54-16 vote and now heads to the state Senate. It would greatly expand who can file for a Gun Violence Restraining Order in the state under California’s so-called “red flag law.”

Adopted in 2014, the current law allows the seizure of firearms– for up to 21 days– from an otherwise legal gun owner who is believed to pose a “significant danger.” This initial order could be extended for as long as a year if the situation warrants while filing a false petition is a misdemeanor offense. As it stands, just law enforcement and immediate family can seek such an order. AB 61 would expand this to include school employees such as guidance counselors and teachers as well as the employers and co-workers of a subject.

What this is doing is taking an already awful law and making it downright creepy for any of us who are still attracted to being American because of all of the freedom and stuff.

Now your disgruntled co-worker or stuck-in-a-rut boss can report you for getting a promotion and leaving them behind having a red flag or something.

One doesn’t have to be a champion of the Second Amendment to find this disturbing. Of course, the anti-gun people won’t find it objectionable.

Those of us who have actually read a history book or two know how that story ends, however. They’ll encourage government overreach until it reaches them.

California has become a nightmare and even I wasn’t aware of how much so until I had extricated myself and was viewing the goings-on there from the perspective of a much freer place.