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Former CBS Director of Diversity: Network Has a 'White Problem'

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

The entertainment industry has been struggling a lot with the fact that the far-left ideals that are held by most of its power players aren’t always adequately reflected in the workplace.

The #MeToo movement comes immediately to mind, and there have been complaints for years about diversity — or a lack of it — in programming and the executive ranks.

Now, a former high-ranking CBS veteran executive is weighing in with major concerns after having recently left the network:

In a rather damning opinion piece written for Variety, former director of  Entertainment Diversity & Inclusion Whitney Davis chronicled what has now become a familiar story from women in Hollywood: years of enduring harassment for fear of losing a job she was truly grateful to get when she got out of college.

On top of the harassment, Davis says that CBS has a “white problem” that is systemic:

Did you know that there’s not one black creative executive working at CBS Television Network or CBS Television Studios? Of the network’s 36 creative executives — all upper management roles that deal with content development, casting, current production, daytime and alternative programming — there are only three women of color, none black. There is not one executive of color working in casting at CBS. The one Latinx executive hired in casting last year lasted eight months. He works at Netflix now.

As any conservative consumer of Hollywood entertainment is painfully aware, the leftist preaching in movies and on television never stops. It’s a nausea-inducing barrage of “holier than you rubes” sanctimony that is being forced down our throats by people who don’t adhere to the principles they won’t shut up about:

“…while CBS proudly touts its diversity programs, a close look beneath the surface reveals that the company is unconcerned about creating space for minorities. It’s challenging to find people of color in executive positions at CBS. The most diverse departments at the corporation are the diversity teams. A company that only has executives of color in roles within the Diversity and Inclusion departments isn’t hitting the mark. But I can no longer stay silent. CBS continues to promote its diversity initiatives in public, while internally minorities are practically invisible.”

Davis’ charge that CBS only hires minorities for its diversity programs is a similar one that liberals level against conservative organizations (private and political) all the time.

The hypocrisy is galling. There are also likely far more stories like this in the entertainment industry that haven’t been told.

Don’t expect the heavy-handed preaching to stop anytime soon, however. Lack of self-awareness among showbiz executives runs even stronger than the hypocrisy.